Orfanato GoodWill

Soon GoodWill Mozambique will open the first orphanage in Vilankulo, Mozambique.

Do you want to know more about it?

Fighting hunger

GoodWill Mozambique focuses on distribution of staple food and sanitary articles to the needy people.

Let’s fight hunger!

Children’s education

We think, every child should get the chance for education. Unfortunately many many kids in Vilankulo don’t have the access to school or any kind of education.

Let’s enable those kids to have access to education!

Women’s empowerment

Unfortunately the women’s empowerment in Africa is still not really existing. Most of the women don’t have any rights or are not allowed to work, because it is a “man’s business”.

We think men and women should have same rights.

What people say:

“Really nice projet, I am impressed by your work guys”

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